Friends of Belle Hall

What are the friends of Belle Hall?

  Friends of Belle Hall was created  to raise additional funds through direct giving with the Friends of Belle Hall campaign. All donations go directly to our school to pay for staff and programs we would otherwise not have. All contributions are tax deductible.

 Why become a Friend of Belle Hall?

  •   100% of your donation goes directly to BHES.
  • Tired of fundraisers? 
  • A successful campaign means NO spring fundraiser.
  • Continued success of this campaign could potentially eliminate fall fundraising in years to come.

Become a Friend Of Belle Hall


Friends of Belle Hall:
Andy and Connie Villacres
Anna and Jeff Cline
April and Allen Coleman
Barrett and Sarah Sellars
Becky Marson
Billy and Shu Hayes
Calders Family
Catherine Morris
Chad & Tanya Cross
Champion Pest Management
Charlie and Sarah Weathers
Chris and Allison Williams
Chris and Rion Rampey
Chris and Tami Kolb
Cruz Family
Daniel & Tiffany Senden
Daniel and Sallie Vallini
David and Catherine Vaughn
David and Patricia White
Debbie and Chad Plott
Drew and Alison Chandler
Eelco & Kay Hillenius
Eric and Meredith White
Eric and Nancy Leineweber
Heather and Rob Mirman
Heather and Scott Quinn
Hollie and Russ Hines
Hoyt Family
James and Stacey Harrington
Jamie and Heather Bigley
Jason and Clancie Barley
Joe and Kathryn Keith
Joe and Paige Harper
Joey and Rachel Kroll
Jon and Heather Halford
Joy and Darren Sanders
Julie and Dave McSwain
Kayne & Kinsey Shirer
Kevin and Keri Driggers
Kitty and Dan Ziober
Kym and Russell Thompson
La Nortena Mexican Grill
Lance and JoAnn Scott
Lantie and Dave Slenzak
Logan Hauck and Sarah Hauck
Marc and Emma Tessier
Mark and Andrea Morrall
Mason & Jay Ward
Matthew and Laura Carpenter
Michael and Louise Ballard
Michelle and Blake Thornton
Nelson family
Nicole Clark
Noelle and Alexander Jennings
Paul and Katie Thurmond
Rob and Angie Medlock
Rohrbacher Family
Ruppel Family
Rusty and Crystal Daniel
Shannon & Bobby Houck
Sid, Ali, and Emma Owens
Simon Watson and Roxanne Hall
Steve and Julia Slattery
Stuart and Courtney Barber
Terrill and Anita Huggins
The Allison Family
The Arrants Family
The Bailes Family
The Beman Family
The Bowker-Morrell Family
The Brittain Family
The Brosey Family
The Chase Family
The Churchill Family
The Davis Family
The Delay Family
The Ellenberg Family
The Ellenberg-Stanton Family
The Emerson Family
The Feng Family
The Flint Family
The Gamble Family
The Goodrich Family
The Haire Family
The Jenkinson Family
The Kern Family
The Ketchin Family
The Knaak Family
The Lesslie Family
The McConnell Family
The Morgan Family
The Pickard Family
The Pratt Family
The Ragans Family
The Rainsford Family
The Ray Family
The Rieck Family
The Shealy Family
The Spain Dombrowski Family
The Stover Family
The Thurber Family
The Truesdell Family
The Tweedy Family
The Warden Family
The Wells Family
The Whitmer Family
The Wight Family
The Winters Family
The Zhang Family
Todd and Mandy Bulwinkle
Tom and Maggie Brothers
Tom and Pamela Sexton
Tomasulo Family
Vladimir Tokarev
Nikki and Justin Elliott

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