Linda Koester 3A

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     Hello, my name is
Linda Koester.  I love teaching, walking, riding my bike, reading, animals, being outside, traveling, and learning new things!  I have three cats named Binky, Spider, and Salem.  I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia.  I moved to South Carolina in 1981 after graduating from Georgia State University.  I have lived in Mount Pleasant since 1990 when Belle Hall first opened.  This is the start of my thirty-fourth year of teaching.  Throughout my teaching career, I have taught in both the elementary and high school settings.  I have been married to my husband, Richard for 30 years.  He is a retired Juvenile Probation Counselor.   Most of my career has been teaching third or fourth grade.  I love the excitement of teaching and how eager my students are to learn new things.  I enjoy learning about innovative ways to help them learn. Our children are our future.  I believe that my job as a teacher is to help them with what they need to know for third grade and for the future, too. 
     I am looking forward to a new school year with you and your child.  I love teaching third grade.  Our curriculum is very exciting.  The children will be learning about South Carolina history in social studies.  For science, they will be learning about Earth materials such as soil, rocks, and water.  In addition, they will be learning about electricity and magnets, animals, and plants.  We will be doing lots of hands on science such as observing crayfish, Bess Beetles, mock rocks, and using science tools like magnets, syringes, and balances.  For math, the children will need to learn the multiplication and division facts.  I try to use lots of math manipulatives during math lessons.  Lots of reading and writing will be done throughout the year.  In addition, Class 3A will be using iPads for learning the standards.  Third grade is a wonderful time for the children.  What a wonderful year, we will have!